Creator's Page

What is a Creator's Page?

Creator's Page is essentially a creator's profile on SolSea where users can see all your NFTs and collections in one place under your name/nickname. If you have enabled this feature, anyone can find your "artist profile" and check out all your works.

Why should I enable my Creator's Page?

If you enable this feature, SolSea users who have come to browse the marketplace and buy interesting art will see you as more than just your Solana wallet address (a string of letters and numbers that is very hard to remember and does not make it easy for anyone to recognize you under your artist name). With a Creator's Page, your "profile" on SolSea, you will enable users to get easier access to your artworks and collections.

How do I enable my Creator's Page?

Go to My Profile > Edit Profile. Under the question "Do you want your profile to be public?" you will find a switch. Turning on the switch, makes your profile public and enables your Creator's Page, making it visible to all SolSea users.
Make sure to save the change before you exit the page by clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

How can users access my Creator's Page?

Creators are listed on every individual NFT page on the right side-panel. If a user has turned their profile public and enabled this feature, their creator name will lead to their Creator's Page.