AART Token Utility

Staking AART Tokens

By staking AART tokens on the "Stake" page on SolSea, you get a discount on the marketplace fee (3%) for sale transactions.
Here is the table of discounts:
  • 5,000 AART > 2.7% marketplace fee
  • 7,000 AART > 2.4% marketplace fee
  • 10,000 AART > 2.1% marketplace fee
  • 15,000 AART > 1.8% marketplace fee
You can withdraw the tokens at any time, upon which the marketplace fee for you will reset to 3%.

GOLD Listing

Stake AART tokens when listing an NFT to highlight that NFT on the Explore pages. You can stake as many AART tokens as you want. Highlighted NFTs will be sorted by the amount of tokens staked, in descending order.
Last modified 20d ago