Email Verification

How do I verify my email?

As of February 2022, every SolSea user has to verify their email address to complete their account setup. We have implemented email verification in order to provide our users with a more secure environment on the platform, as well as to offer them benefits such as notifications of sales, offers, discounts, and more.
If you have already registered on SolSea, but you haven't verified your email address yet, follow these steps:
  • Connect your wallet and go to the Log In page on SolSea.
  • Type in your login details and click "Log In".,
  • You will be transferred to a page titled “Confirm your email”. A verification email will automatically be sent to the email you logged in with from the address [email protected]
  • Open your inbox in a different browser tab and find the verification email. It may take a few minutes to reach you or it may land in your spam/promotions folder. In the verification email from SolSea, click on the button "Confirm email".
Once you have completed these steps, your account and email address will be verified and all SolSea features will be unlocked for use.

Can I change the email I made my account with?

Of course! If you wish to change the email address you created your account with, you can do so by following the steps described in the question above. When you get to the “Confirm your email” page, click on the button ”Change email” (see screenshot below).

Will I lose access to my collections if I verify a different email to the one I made the collection with?

No, the collections are linked to the wallet with which they were made. If you wish to change your email, the collection will automatically be linked to your wallet once you verify your new email address. You will always have access to all the collections you made prior to verifying the email.
However, keep in mind that you have to verify the new email through the Log In page. If you, for some reason, try to create a new account using a new email through the Register page and verify it, you will not be able to access your collections as the platform will then consider you a new user.

Can I change my email after verifying it?

Unfortunately no, this option is still not available. So please be careful to check everything twice before confirming the email you want to verify!