How can I create an NFT on SolSea?

First thing’s first: if you wish to create a collection on SolSea, make sure you create it before you start minting the NFTs that are part of that collection. Read more about how to create a collection in the section “Collections: create and edit”.

Create a profile on the platform (if you don’t already have one) and make sure your connected wallet has SOL on it. Before you can start minting, make sure that you have enabled the feature Do you want to be creator? on your profile. You can do so by going to My Profile > Edit Profile.

Once that’s set up, go to Create NFT on the left sidebar, and follow the steps described in the form. After you mint an NFT, don't forget to click the “⟳ Reload” button in your wallet to sync the data - you'll see the newly minted NFT appear in your wallet!

Note that once an NFT is minted, it cannot be edited! So keep an eye out for spelling and typing mistakes.

Is there a size or file limit when minting NFTs on SolSea?

Every NFT must have a main file (currently SolSea supports: .jpeg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .mov, .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .m4a, .pdf, and .glb) and the size limit is 40 MB. This file is required for minting an NFT.

Along with the main file, there is a static preview and an animated preview (the size limit for both is 10MB). The static preview (image or gif are both accepted) is currently required for minting NFTs as well.

Does SolSea support audio and video NFTs?

Yes, SolSea supports both video files (.mp4 and .mov) and audio files (.mp3, .wav, .ogg and .m4a), on top of image files (.jpeg, .png and .gif), as well as PDFs! You can now even mint .glb files on SolSea!

How can I mint 3D/VR (.glb) NFTs?

SolSea supports .glb files and our 3D viewer allows users to experience your 3D/VR NFTs in their best light! Our recommendation is that you use Blender software to export your .glb files, as it looks best in the SolSea NFT viewer. There are no special requirements.

What are the transaction fees for minting NFTs on SolSea?

The fees for minting NFTs vary, primarily depending on the size of the file uploaded. A 150KB file will be “cheaper” to mint than a 20MB file, for example. If you want to read more about this, check out this article: “Compared to Ethereum, Solana has 60 thousand times lower fees.”

Can I edit my NFT?

No, editing NFTs is impossible as the information is written on the blockchain the moment an NFT is minted. Please make sure all the details are correct before you click "mint". If you mint an NFT that you are unhappy with and wish to edit, the only option is to burn it and mint it anew.

Can I create multiple NFTs per each art piece?

At the moment, it’s not possible to create multi-edition NFTs.

How can multiple creators receive royalties from the same NFT?

It is possible to set up multiple wallets to receive royalties - you just need to add co-creators to the NFTs you mint.

If you want to mint an NFT and add co-creators to it, those creators have to give you permission first. For starters, they have to have a verified SolSea account which is marked as a creator's account and public. Then they have to navigate to the "Co-Creators" tab from the left side-menu.

On the Co-Creators page, they have to enter the email address you used when creating your SolSea account.

Once they've given you permission like this, you'll be able to add them as co-creators when you mint your next NFT because the option will be unlocked on the third step of the "Create NFT" page.

In the "Co-creators" drop-down menu you'll find "you" and the creators who have given you minting permission. Select every creator you wish to include, as well as "you".

Then add the percentage of the royalties split between them. For example, if there's two of you, you may split the royalties 50-50, in which case you should type "50" in both fields. And don't forget to add the royalties themselves in the last field.

Once you mint the NFT, it will feature multiple creators that you added.

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