NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens

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Can a single NFT get verified?

Only collections can get verified on SolSea.

What is an NFT’s “hash”?

The “hash” of an NFT refers to the mint address of that NFT, a string of letters and numbers that is written on the blockchain.

Where can I find an NFT’s hash?

Go to an NFT’s page and click on “View on Solana”.

Once you are redirected to Solscan, you will see the NFT’s hash next to “Token address” in the "Profile Summary" section.

You can easily copy the "hash" (token address, otherwise known as mint address) by clicking on the icon at the far right (see image above).

How can I mark my NFTs as NSFW?

If you want to mint NSFW ("not safe for work") NFTs inside a collection, all you have to do is mark the collection itself as NSFW. This way, all NFTs you mint into that collection will automatically be marked as NSFW as well.

Note that if you edit your collection at any point to turn off the NSFW switch, the NFTs you mint into that collection will no longer automatically inherit the NSFW attribute.

That said, if your collection isn't marked as NSFW, you will have the opportunity to mark individual NFTs when you mint them into the collection. During the minting process you can switch the NSFW toggle on or keep it off.

For NFTs that aren't part of any collection, use the switch to mark them as NSFW, or leave the switch off.

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