Creator Dashboard

Creator Dashboard is the space where you can access all the features you need to start creating and selling NFTs on SolSea. Upon logging in to your SolSea account, you can access most of the sections of your Creator Dashboard from the left sidebar, or see the detailed view of all the sections by clicking on “Creator Dashboard” in the same sidebar.

In your Creator Dashboard, you can find the following features: My Creator Profile, Edit Profile, Create Collection, Create NFT, Co-Creators, My NFTs, My Collections, Verification.

My Creator Profile

This is the overview of your public profile; this is where SolSea users can find and explore all your NFTs and collections in one place under your name/nickname.

Edit Profile

All the changes you wish to make on your profile can be made here. You can change your name and profile image, manage your connected wallets, add links to your social media, manage your account settings and email notifications.

Create Collection & Create NFT

To start creating, click on Create Collection or Create NFT and you will be redirected to the steps you need to follow. Make sure to read the forms carefully and fill out all the necessary information.


Give permission to other creators to co-create NFTs with you, and manage those permissions. Another user can be your co-creator if they have a SolSea account with a wallet connected.

My NFTs & My Collections

Find all your NFTs and collections on one page, where you can quickly access and manage them.


Apply for collection verification, check the status of your submitted applications and update your verification application to request additional verification for new NFTs.

How do I become a Creator?

If you want to enable Creator options, you have to mark your account as a public Creator account.

Go to My Profile > Edit Profile and, under the questions "Do you want your profile to be public?" and "Do you want to be a creator?" turn on both switches, then click Submit. This will make your profile public to all SolSea users and allow you to access your Creator Dashboard.

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