License Scope Summary

Private use/Non-Commercial exploitation

    solely private and non-commercial use of the Work
    right to exclusive ownership of the NFT representing the Work
    no right to publicly use or display the Work (except as part of Collection and when listing NFT for sale)

Personal public display/Non-Commercial exploitation

    solely personal and non-commercial use of the Work
    right to use the Work in Owner’s digital and/or online presence (avatars, profile pictures etc.)
    no right to modifications of the Work

Public display/Non-Commercial exploitation

    public, non-commercial use of the Work
    right to publicly display the Work in both digital and physical format, in public or private cultural institutions (e.g. galleries, museums) and virtual exhibitions
    no right to obtain financial gain from displaying the Work

Reproduction/Commercial exploitation

    public, commercial use of the Work
    right to make copies of, distribute, and otherwise commercially exploit the Work, for any purpose
    right to make and commercially exploit derivative works (e.g. merchandise)
    no right to substantial modifications, adaptations and edits of the Work
* In each case, further terms and conditions apply, as specified in the license templates.
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