List & Delist

How do I put an NFT up for sale?

If you have an NFT you want to list, navigate to the left side panel and the section "My NFTs". This will open the Manage my NFTs page and there, you will see all of your NFTs. To list your NFTs one by one, click on the "three dots" menu on the NFT card and select List.
When you enter the price you wish to list it for, confirm the transaction and you're all set!
You can also list several NFTs at once by taking advantage of our "bulk listing" feature.
To do this, navigate to your slide-in wallet and select the "Bulk" option. Enter all the price for every NFT you wish to list and submit all at once.
Make sure to confirm the transaction and your NFTs will be listed on SolSea!
On the "Buy NFTs" page, NFTs minted on SolSea will appear in the section "SolSea Originals", while NFTs minted on other platforms will appear in "All Listings". "Gold Listings" includes only NFTs that were listed along with staked AART tokens.
Note: when you list an NFT, it will be transferred to a new token account as it awaits sale. This means that it will not be in your wallet, so you will not see it there. If the listed NFT is bought, it will transfer from the listing token account to the buyer's wallet, while the funds from the sale will be sent to your wallet. Alternately, if you delist the NFT before it's sold, it will simply return back to your wallet.

How can I delist my NFT on SolSea?

Open your slide-in wallet and navigate to the section Listed NFTs. Then find the NFT you wish to delist from the marketplace, click on Delist and confirm the transaction.

Why can’t I list/delist my NFT?

If you don’t have any funds in your wallet or if you have insufficient funds, you can’t list and delist NFTs. These transactions require a small rent fee to be transferred to a token account. However, the fee you transfer when listing an NFT is returned to you upon delisting (or purchase), when the token account in use is closed.

How can I change the price of my NFT?

If you have already listed your NFT (e.g. for 5 SOL) and you want to change the price, you can go to your wallet, find the NFT you want to change the price of (under the Listed NFTs section), and click the button “Change”. A new window will open, where you can type in the new price, and click Change Price to finalize the process. After approving the transaction, the price of your NFT will be changed.
Likewise, if you want to quickly change the price of multiple NFTs, you can do so by selecting "Bulk Price Change" in your Wallet, entering all the prices and submitting all the changes.

What are the listing/delisting fees on SolSea?

When you list an NFT, you transfer a small rent fee to a token account. When you delist that NFT or when it’s sold, the rent fee is returned to your wallet.

Why can't I see my NFT in my wallet?

When you list an NFT, a token account is created automatically to house that NFT. Until you delist the NFT, it will remain on that token account. Alternately, if the NFT is bought, it will be automatically transferred to the new owner's wallet and the token account will be closed.
Last modified 1yr ago