What is SolSea?

SolSea is the first open NFT marketplace on Solana with integrated minting. It introduces NFTs with embedded licenses (NFT-PROs), calculates Rarity Rank for collections, supports wallet funding with Moonpay, and is regularly updated with new features.

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How do I get started on SolSea?

Begin by creating a Solana wallet, if you don’t already have one. SolSea currently supports Phantom, Solflare, Ledger, Sollet, Slope, Coin98, NuFi, Coinbase Wallet and Trust wallet.

Deposit SOL in your wallet; we recommend having at least SOL 0.2, otherwise your account may not be recognized as "valid".

If you wish to be a creator on SolSea, you have to create an account by registering with a valid email address. You will have to verify your email before your account setup can be completed.

And you're ready to go.

Which wallets are supported on SolSea?

SolSea currently supports Phantom, Sollet, Solflare (both for desktop and mobile), Torus, Coin98, Coinbase Wallet, Slope, NuFi and Trust. Ledger wallets are limited in terms of functionalities due to Ledger's unique features, but they are also supported on SolSea for basic transactions.

How can I connect to SolSea on my mobile phone?

One way to connect to SolSea on your mobile device is by using the Phantom wallet mobile app. When in the Phantom app, go to their in-app browser and search for "". By connecting to SolSea through the Phantom mobile app, your wallet will be automatically connected.

Can I buy NFTs in fiat currencies like USD?

Yes, you can buy NFTs via fiat currencies either using Moonpay to essentially fund your wallet. Take a look at our video guide to learn how to purchase an NFT on SolSea via MoonPay:

What are the fees on SolSea?

There is a 2% marketplace fee which occurs on every successful NFT sale. Artists can also decide their own creator’s fee (royalties).

There is a small minting fee that includes our minting service, token account creation and storage upload. Its value will depend on the file size of your uploads.

The rent fee for listing (opening a token account) is returned to you once an NFT is delisted or purchased.

Does SolSea refund fees for failed transactions?

SolSea does not refund fees that are directly paid to Solana for using the network.

Does SolSea handle creators' royalties?

Yes, royalties are distributed to creators on every sale.

When you mint an NFT on SolSea, you can set the percentage of royalties you want to receive (e.g. 10%). This means that, every time your NFT is sold on the secondary market, you will receive 10% of the price set by the current owner.

Who can we coordinate with to launch an NFT project on SolSea?

Anyone can list NFTs independently on the marketplace, or apply for collection verification after they have minted it.

If you wish to collaborate with SolSea, please write to us at or

Does SolSea have a token?

SolSea is developed by the ALL.ART Protocol. Find more information about the AART Token here >>>

How is an NFT’s rarity calculated?

We scrape data from the chain and JSONs of each NFT from a collection. Then we calculate trait numbers, rarity scores, indexes, ranks…

If you wish to delve into more details, read this article >>>

What is Rarity Rank?

Rarity Rank is an NFT’s rank based on its rarity within the collection it belongs to. It is a number that represents an NFT’s position within the collection based on the rarity score of that NFT.

What is Rarity Score?

Rarity Score is a number that represents the calculation of how rare is the sum of the traits of an NFT. Find a more detailed description in the article mentioned above.

How can I reset my password?

Connect your wallet. On the Log In page click on “Forgot password?” positioned beneath the "Log In" button. You will be asked to enter the email address you registered with and an email will be sent to it with reset details. From there, just follow the instructions in the email and you’ll be set.

Note that the “Password reset” email may take a few minutes to arrive and that it may not land in your inbox, so make sure to check your spam folder, too, just in case!

Why can't I see my NFTs in my wallet?

In case you can't see your NFTs in your wallet, before contacting support, please make sure you do the following: - Reload your wallet - Clear your computer's cache memory - Reload the page you're on in your browser

The reason you can't see your NFTs in your wallet may be because the information hasn't been synced with the blockchain since the last changes were made, so reloading is the fastest way to make sure it's not a bug.

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