What is the Pre-Market stage?

When a collection is in the Pre-Market stage, anyone can list an NFT from that collection, but purchasing is disabled.

This mechanism protects the primary sale until the minting is complete, while providing communities with a price discovery tool in real-time on the secondary market.

Traders can price and list their freshly minted NFTs based on their estimation of the value once the primary sale ends, effectively creating a fair market before trading is enabled.

Can I buy unverified NFTs?

Users can buy NFTs minted on SolSea regardless of whether they are verified or not.

Restrictions are in place for NFTs minted outside of SolSea. If there's a collection that hasn't been verified on SolSea yet but you want to start trading its NFTs, let us know so we can get in touch with that collection or let them know you wish to trade on SolSea.

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