Collections: create, edit; verify

How can I create a collection on SolSea?

To create a collection, create a profile, put SOL in your wallet, go to Create > Collection and follow the steps in the form.
Note that once a collection is created, the Title and Short Description cannot be edited.

Can I batch-mint a collection on SolSea?

SolSea does not currently support batch minting, but this feature is planned for a future platform update.

What is batch minting and how is it different from “creating a collection” on SolSea?

Batch minting refers to minting (for example) 200 NFTs at once using a program like Candy Machine. Meanwhile, creating a collection on SolSea creates a "folder" in which you can then mint NFTs via SolSea one by one.

How can I edit my collection?

If you are logged in to your account on SolSea, you can find your created collections in My Profile > My Collections. Find the collection you wish to edit and click on “Edit collection”.
Note that you can edit all information and files except the collection’s Title and Short Description, as these details are written directly on the blockchain upon creation.

Can I start a collection with a few NFTs and then add more later?

Yes, you can add NFTs later, but keep in mind that you have to create a collection first before you start minting NFTs on SolSea.

Can I mint my collection externally and have my collection listed on SolSea?

Yes, you can mint your collection externally (e.g. using Candy Machine) and list it on SolSea.
To do this, you have to first create a collection on SolSea (a "folder" where your NFTs will be "imported" when you list them for sale). After you have created your collection on SolSea, you can apply for verification.
Read how to apply for the verification of your collection in the "Collection Verification" section of the FAQs.
Last modified 1mo ago