NFTs: create/mint, list, delist

How can I create an NFT on SolSea?

First thing’s first: if you wish to create a collection on SolSea, make sure you create it before you start minting the NFTs that are part of that collection. Read more about how to create a collection in the section “Collections: create and edit”.
Create a profile on the platform (if you don’t already have one), make sure your connected wallet has SOL on it, go to Create > NFT and follow the steps described in the form.
Note that once an NFT is minted, it cannot be edited! So keep an eye out for spelling and typing mistakes.
Find more detailed information in the video below:

Is there a size or file limit when minting NFTs on SolSea?

Every NFT must have a main file (currently SolSea supports: .jpeg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .mov, .mp3, .wav, .ogg) and the size limit is 40 MB. This file is required for minting an NFT.
Along with the main file, there is a static preview and an animated preview (the size limit for both is 10MB). The static preview (image or gif are both accepted) is currently required for minting NFTs as well.

Does SolSea support audio and video NFTs?

Yes, SolSea supports both video files (.mp4 and .mov) and audio files (.mp3, .wav and .ogg), on top of image files (.jpeg, .png and .gif).

Why can’t I list/delist my NFT?

If you don’t have any funds in your wallet or if you have insufficient funds, you can’t list and delist NFTs as these are transactions and they require a small fee to be paid to the Solana blockchain to be realized.

How can I change the price of my NFT?

If you have already listed your NFT (e.g. for 5 SOL) and you want to change the price, you have to delist that token and re-list it with a different price.

What are the listing/delisting fees on SolSea?

The listing and delisting transaction fees are equal to the cost of gas fees on Solana.

What are the transaction fees for minting NFTs on SolSea?

The fees for minting NFTs vary, primarily depending on the size of the file uploaded. A 150KB file will be “cheaper” to mint than a 20MB file, for example. If you want to read more about this, check out this article: “Compared to Ethereum, Solana has 60 thousand times lower fees.”

Can I edit my NFT?

No, editing NFTs is impossible as the information is written on the blockchain the moment an NFT is minted. Please make sure all the details are correct before you click "mint". If you mint an NFT that you are unhappy with and wish to edit, the only option is to burn it and mint it anew.

How can I burn NFTs?

NOTE: You can only burn NFTs when connected to the wallet they were minted with! If you do not have access to the wallet that was used for minting an NFT, you cannot burn that NFT.
To burn an NFT, go to Make sure the network is set to mainnet before you do anything else, then select “Burn”.
In the “Destination account” field paste the token account address of your NFT and enter “1” (for token supply) in the “Amount” field.
You can find the token address of your NFT by viewing it in the Solana Explorer, then scrolling down the page and opening the “Distribution” section.
In it, you will see an account where the supply is 1 (100.000%). Click on the address of that account and it will open the Token Account page on the Explorer where you can find the token account address and copy it.
Once you’ve filled in both fields, click “Burn Tokens”, approve all transactions that pop up in a new window and you’ll successfully burn your NFT!
When you go back to your Wallet on SolSea, click “Reload Wallet” to sync the data from blockchain and the NFT should be removed.
NOTE: In order to burn an NFT via this method, you have to restore your wallet in Sollet, as the SPL Token UI service only supports the Sollet extension. To find out how to restore e.g. a Phantom wallet in Sollet, check out this video:

Can I create multiple NFTs per each art piece?

At the moment, it’s not possible to create multi-edition NFTs.

Can a single NFT get verified?

Currently only collections can get verified on SolSea.

What is an NFT’s “hash”?

The “hash” of an NFT refers to the mint address of that NFT, a string of letters and numbers that is written on the blockchain.

Where can I find an NFT’s hash?

Go to an NFT’s page and click on “View on Solana”.
Find the "View on Solana" button above the price of NFTs.
Once you are redirected to Solscan, you will see the NFT’s hash next to “Token address” in the "Profile Summary" section.
You can easily copy the "hash" (token address, otherwise known as mint address) by clicking on the icon at the far right (see image above).